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On 4 August 2017
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An emotionally rollercoaster ride is provided by the controlled heaviness of Vendetta.

Describing themselves as alternative/progressive metal, Vendetta have a lot more strings to their bow than these two genres displayed in their current studio album Pale Glow.  Currently on digital download release from, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal, its seven tracks threaten as Manowar said to “Blow your speakers”. The title track opens up proceedings with thick, jarring chords that crunch throughout, backed by stomping drum patterns from Willem Mason-Geraghty.

Powerhouse lead vocals come from Megan Targett whose range brings to mind of Aimee Echo, from now defunct band Human Waste Project as she melodically howls and growls throughout. A soaring vocal in ‘Excuses’ backs up an ever increasing heaviness of riffs that churn and rage as the vocals get angrier. ‘Swine’, the first single to be released off the album is a prime example of the HWP similarities as she delivers a powerful but melodic vocal. The riffs surge like an incoming tide rather than pound, making it more rock radio accessible.

‘Martyr’ twists and turns along on mauling riffing and an ever increasingly psychotic vocal. Anybody who had been passing the studio when ‘Rare Breed’ was being recorded would have thought an exorcism was being performed judging by an unrelentingly lung shredding vocal. The riffs are melodic but still have power and precision. ‘Leeches’ brings to mind early Prong industrial riffing and jackhammer drums keeping the intensity levels high. The overwhelming closing track ‘Virus’ is an early Godflesh like musically aural battery offset by Megan’s most gripping vocal.

Pale Glow album track listing :-

Pale Glow.




Rare Breed.



Current band line up :-

Megan Targett – Lead vocals.

Willem Mason-Geraghty – Drums.

Callan Hughes – Guitar.

Jay Bacon – Guitar.



An emotionally rollercoaster ride is provided by the controlled heaviness of Vendetta.

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