The Blue screen of death – Leave the future behind

the blue screen of death - leave the future behindBritish band, The Blue screen of death formed in 2006 by members united by their love of computer games and action movies.  The band started with a strong stoner rock influence but have gradually moved away from this since then.  Their self titled debut mini-album was recorded at the Barbican Theatre in London.  They have played gigs regularly and supported bands including Zico chain, Orange goblin and Turbowolf.
Now they have released their new album, “Leave the future behind”.

Having seen the list of bands that The Blue screen of death have supported, I was expect them to be a lot heavier than they actually are on this record – perhaps they sound heavier live?  The album sounds more pop-rock than metal, so for them to support metal bands seems like an odd fit.

The stoner rock sound certainly seems to be long gone – what you have here is pop-rock or at best Indie rock.  It’s definitely not my cup of tea but if you want something not too heavy and more pop than rock then this is worth a listen.

Rating 5.5/10

Blue screen of death are:

Steve George – Vocals & Rhythm guitar
Pete Davis – Lead guitar
Paul Shott – Bass
Harry Shogun Gardner – Drums & backing vocals

Track listing:

1. Let it go
2. Do it right
3. U.F.
4. Fool’s facade
5. Back against the wall
6. What would Arnie do?
7. Cross the road
8. Fatal error

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