Fivefold – The story

fivefold - the storyFivefold formed in St Louis, and as the name gives away, are a five piece band.  They formed in 2007 and since then have built a strong fanbase in the St Louis area, and have supported bands including Buckcherry, The Offspring and Redlight King.

A few brief comments on some of the tracks..

“The reckoning” starts with a piano introduction before the vocals kick in, with Rya Cheney accompanied only by the piano initially.  After almost a minute then string instruments in the background join in to add an extra depth to the song.  It’s a lovely song and a nice change of pace.

After the slow gentle sound of “THe reckoning”, the next track “Crashing under” kicks the pace and power up considerably, right from the start.  It’s a great heavy rock track.

The album ends with title track “The story”.  It’s played simply on an acoustic guitar with astring instruments (a Cello and violin I think) giving a nice rich background to the music.  The vocals are still very rocky and constrast well against the gentle music.

Listening to the album it’s got quite a familiar feel to it but without sounding like any other band in particular – more a case of it just feels like it belongs at home in any rock or metal fans CD collection.  This is a really good album that’s well worth a listen.

Rating: 8/10

Fivefold are:

Derrick Huskey – Drums
Ryan Cheney – Vocals
Matt Benne – Guitar
Ryan Pauk – Bass
Jake Harrington – Guitar

Track listing:

1. Broken
2. Fading away
3. The reckoning
4. Crashing under
5. Not the only one
6. Know it all
7. The story
8. Lost within
9. Fighting madness
10. The story (acoustic)

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