Various Artists – Melody & Malice (CD)

Always wanted to know more about Female Fronted Metal but were afraid to ask? Then this could be just the ticket. This two disc set is available now to pre-order from with a general release due on September 26th, with the added bonus of supporting the N.S.P.C.C.
The album has some obvious hard hitters, like Arch Enemy’s ‘I Will Live Again’ and Lacuna Coil’s ‘Spellbound’, but dig deeper and you will soon become aware of how many musical sub-genres come under the Female Fronted Metal banner, from the grunge of Kittie, the superb Amberian Dawn and Edenbridge, and my band tipped for future greatness The Mariana Hollow. This compilation takes you on a rollercoaster voyage of discovery, which if you allow yourself to become immersed in this metal fairground ride of the fairer sex, will have you checking out some amazing new bands left right and centre. Some tracks might not tick the boxes, but that’s the nature of a compilation CD. However, as an introduction to a sometimes much maligned part of the metal world you’d be hard pressed to get anything better blasting out of your speaker s right now.
In short this is a well thought out and diverse collection of songs and bands from which you should be able to glean a more rounded picture of the ever expanding world of Female Fronted Metal. In buying this CD, you will also help put much needed funds into the N.S.P.C.C. coffers.


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