Deadend in Venice – See you on the ground

“See you on the ground” is the debut album from German melodic death metal band, Deadend in Venice.

Deadend in Venice have stuck to the standard formula for vocals for bands with death metal influences and who have a female singer – the female singer sings clean vocals with screams/grunts/growls being provided by a male band member.  Where Deadend in Venice do differ from many bands though is that whereas most bands have predominantly clean female vocals with some male growls/grunts/screams, with Deadend in Venice, the male vocals play a much more prominent role, and are more heavily used than the female vocals in some of the songs.

The first track on the album “Hate sweet hate” straight away kicks off with male growling vocals letting you know straight away that this isnt a typical female fronted melodic death metal album, and only after 30 seconds or so do the female vocals kick in, but even then its the male vocals that are dominant in this song.

“Dirty little princess” is the only track on the album where the vocals are left entirely to Annabell Klein with no male vocals at all.  It is refreshing and adds more diversity to the album, simply by not using the male growling vocals

The guitar work, bass and drumming throughout the album is consistently good, and the mix of male and female vocals works well.  There’s nothing particularly new or innovative here, but what you do get is consistently good songs that balance melodies with the power and brutality of death metal.

Since releasing the album in June, the band have played a number of shows including the Metalcamp festival in Slovenia, and are due to tour Germany in November.  They have also got their first UK date planned – they are due to appear at the Arctic festival in London at the beginning of January 2012 – I certainly intend to check them out live then.

“See you on the ground” is available now through Casket music.

Rating: 7/10

Deadend in Venice are:

Annabell Klein – Vocals
Christian Litzba – Growls
Tim Schmidtke – Guitars
Kevin Klein – Lead Guitars
Andreas Ackermann – Bass
Frank Koppe – Drums

Track listing:
1. Hate Sweet Hate
2. Personal Decay
3. Brain Execution
4. War
5. Long Way Home
6. Last Chances
7. The Monkey In My Closet
8. Dirty Little Princess
9. Tomorrow Never Comes


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