Ravenface, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow – 21/8/11 (GIG)

Gigs on a Sunday night towards the end of August after all the main festivals have finished and a few other metal gigs on as well, with local bands and bunch of young lads coming up from Blackpool to play go way past the hard going line and onto the tough as nails stretch, so it’s to their absolute credit that all four bands did what they could to generate a bit of atmosphere with mixed results!

I’ve seen Let’s Play God as recently as a few weeks back at the Cathouse when they were on the bill with Nerrus Kor and love the vibe and energy they put together on stage.  There’s a great chemistry between them all that’s reflected in the songs and they practically grabbed the crowd by the balls with their performance.  A lot of good stuff I think is on the horizon for these lads with their chunky riffage that is right up my street. They remind me a bit of Korn, a little less off the wall but no less appealing.

Up next, a huge banner on stage unfurled and announced Lost Persona on next and if I’m being perfectly honest their moniker suited their performance.  After the energy and enthusiasm thrown about from openers Let’s Play God I suddenly felt as if the place fell flat. Now, don’t get me wrong, musically the guys are talented and can certainly play but what let them down was a real lack of any stage presence or personality or energy.  At times it felt like they were going through the motions and maybe I caught them on a bad night so I’ll do my best to catch them again and see if it’s still the case!

I mentioned a bunch of young lads making the journey from Blackpool and Ravenface were up next, looking tentative and just a little bit nervous given the tough love the crowd at Ivorys was dishing out they launched into their set and even before the end of their first track were throwing themselves around with reckless abandon, dishing out a good dose of high energy metal that you couldn’t help but be drawn into.  I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the lads as they were being hampered by some real sound problems with bass overpowering everything while guitars and vocals were non-existant at times.  I doff my cap to them though; they soldiered on and won over the crowd on the night with enthusiasm, energy and some great tunes.

The night was brought to a close by Ludovico doing their best to work with what was quickly becoming a small crowd smaller and give them their dues they performed admirably under the circumstances and while their style definitely isn’t my cup of tea (being an old skool old git) they impressed with their solidity and confidence.

All pictures taken by Keith Wood.

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