Vanitas-Grey Morality-Single Review-Planetmosh

Birmingham based noisemongers Vanitas smash into 2024 with brand new single ‘Grey Morality’, keeping the ball rolling since forming in 2022, hitting the ground for a hectic 2023. Their technical riffing and huge orchestral soundscapes morphed into what they call ‘cinematic djent’ genre and judging by its results, they’re already onto a winner!

Grey Morality’ carries the torch held high to what I think is their heaviest magnum opus to date. They don’t just go for the throat, they go for your hearing to for a shuddering five minutes of caterwauling riffing that switches from dizzying time changes and punishing sledgehammer blow brain manglers, all pinned down by insane drum patterns and the trademark lungbusting vocal cavalcade of Jade Maris that veers out of control for a final Hellish minute of death metal prowess! Job well and truly done!

Essential band info, including a purchase link to ‘Grey Morality’ and forthcoming tour dates are here :-

Vanitas band personnel :-

Jade Maris – Lead Vocals.

Mitchell Barlow – Guitar.

Elijah Storer – Guitar.

Jon Willingham – Bass Guitar.

Jackson Cann – Drums.

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