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Formed in 2008, and hailing from Portsmouth, Tricorn self-produced their self-titled debut album apparently in just six beer-drenched days and it is indeed a big old slab of southern stoner groove that comes across like the bastard love child of motorhead meeting monster magnet.  The opening track “Step Outside” epitomises this with Paxo Dyne’s vocals a cross between Lemmy and Dave Wyndorf and it has a superb easy going groove running through it.

“Give Me Some More” kicks up the pace with a good bit of chunky riffage and a ton of groove, possible the standout track on the album to my ears before “Therapist” stomps its way in powerfully.  The deep southern groove continues throughout with “Where Did It Go” sure to be a live classic and one that would have a crowd bouncing and heading to a frenzy when it kicks into its final section.

The remainder of the album follows in a similar vein, from the evil undertones of “Life Again”, through the rockin’ “Crawl” and sludgy “Girl Let’s Ride” before finishing with a good bit of chugging rock-out riffage on “Momentum” that in places reminds me more of Stone Sour, in the chorus in particular.

There’s a real homebrew feeling to this album that sits perfectly with the tone and tracks throughout.  Not a cheap homebrew, but more of a natural rawness that shines through in a way that you can just imagine the guys kicking back in the studio throwing the tunes out with a laid back, chilled vibe.  It’s a solid debut and one that gives a great platform for Tricorn to build on and grow into their second.


Rating: 8/10

Track Listing:
1. Step Outside
2. Give Me Some More
3. Therapist
4. Where Did It Go
5. Life Again
6. Crawl
7. Girl Lets Ride
8. Momentum

Tricorn are:
Paxo Dyne – Vocals/Rhythm Guitars
Constantine Droutsas – Lead Guitars
Simon Lopez – Drums
Rob J. – Bass

Official Tricorn webspaces:

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