Bonfire – Cry 4 Help (e.p)


The story of Bonfire actually started in 1972, at the West German town of Ingolstadt when the teen guitarist Hans Ziller, put together a rock band called Cacumen. Singer, Claus Lessmann, joined the band in 1978.  Then in 1986 the band became known as Bonfire and the rest is history.

At the end of March 2012 the band went to the Ukraine to play a headlining show and a festival.  They also got to see for themselves the recent unbelievable mistreatment of street dogs in the country and to talk to the authorities and the people.

Preceding the Soccer European Championships in theUkraineandPolandlater in the year, the Ukrainian government has allowed a “cleanup” of the streets by killing hundreds of thousands of these innocent animals.

Cry 4 Help was originally released back in 2006 but it’s lyrical content is still as relevant now as it was back then.

“Who sheds a tear for the crocodile
That you carry as a bag?
Does your mink coat still keep you warm
When you think about its fate?
It ain’t just another protest song
About laboratory crimes
It’s also a cry for help
For the cowards of our time.”

Singer, Claus Lessmann, sums this re-release up nicely with his recent comment/press release that “It feels really good that the song has a second life now and that we can now release it in cooperation with the animal protection organization PETA”.

The e.p itself contains three different versions of the cover track with its timeless lyrics, including an acoustic version which really brings them to the forefront of the song.

It also contains two cracking live recordings of the classic Bonfire hit songs “You Make Me Feel” and “Just Follow The Rainbow” which serve to remind you that after all the years that they have been together, Bonfire are still a powerful live unit.

Highlight of the cd: “Cry 4 Help (Radio Version)”
Rating: 9/10

Track listing:

1. Cry 4 Help (Radio Version);
2. Cry 4 Help (Long Version);
3. Cry 4 Help (Acoustic Version);
4. You Make Me Feel (Live at the Masters of Rock, Vizovice-Czeck Republic 2011);
5. I Need You (Private Version);
6. Just Follow The Rainbow (Live at the Masters Of Rock, Vizovice-Czeck Republic 2011);


Claus Lessmann-Lead/backing vocals, guitar
Hans Ziller-Lead-Guitars and backing vocals
“Yps” Chris Limburg- Guitars;
Uwe Köhler- Bass, backing vocals
Harry Reischmann – Drums and Percussion


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