PM captures Stuka Squadron for interrogation, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow 23/5/12

The mission was a success. We managed to infiltrate their lair and capture 2 of the Stuka Sqadron soldiers. Then I got to interrogated them!

Please note a sense of humour is essential for viewing this video, as it contain some bad language, torture*, nudity* swearing, damn fine tunes, flashbacks at the end, maybe some more swearing, vampires and some.. well watch it and find out…… ;)

*actually NO torture or nudity but hey it made you look!

See the original mission details here –






If you have never heard of Stuka Squadron before I will advise you to do your research now, before they invade and go see them live.

My gig review

You can purchase their new album ‘Tales of the Ost‘ here.

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Thank you to Stuka Squadron for agreeing to this as well as performing a stunning gig,  Charlie for videoing the interview. You all rock \m/ \m/


Stuka Squadron






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