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On 13 February 2018
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Atmospheric Doom and a History lesson, all rolled into one





Doom Metal supergroup Towards Atlantis Lights take us on a dark historical journey deep into the past with ‘Dust Of Aeons’

With only four tracks but coming in at just under the hour mark, the first of which, ‘The Bunker Of Life’ lasting a mind boggling thirty minutes, you just know you are about to be immersed in something pretty damn special. I love it when a band approach an album with a strong emphasis on creating atmosphere as well as delivering high quality music, that’s probably why I get drawn to the Atmospheric Doom genre more than others these days. Bands such as Clouds, Draconian, Saturnus and many more are past masters at delivering the goods, and Towards Atlantis Lights are up there with the best of them

A perfect balance is set between the use of clean and guttural vocal, one shifting seamlessly into the other, conjuring visions of landscapes from the ancient world, all encased in a funereal paced cacophony of sludge guitars, soaring passages and riffs so dense, you could slice them with a knife. I can’t praise the vocal performance of Kostas Panagiotu highly enough, especially on the amazingly dark ‘Babylon’s Hanging Gardens’, a heady mix of storytelling, growls, and near demonic chanting, that just transports you to a different time and place. The epic ‘Alexandria’s Library’, beautifully slow paced, with some truly mesmerising guitar work courtesy of Ivan Zara, just holds you in the palm of its hand, slowly crushing. Album closer, ‘Greeting Mausolus’ Tomb’, has such a dark and despairing lyric, that you can not help but be consumed by the whole feeling of desperation and surrender, a fitting end to a wonderful journey

Towards Atlantis Lights succeed in composing and delivering a truly gargantuan Doom album, one that grabs you, holds you down, and makes you open your mind. I really hope the band take this project forward with another similarly themed offering in the future, as the format is a great one but in the meantime, give this album a go, highly recommended

Recommended Track  –  The Bunker Of Life


Track Listing,

The Bunker Of Life

Babylon’s Hanging Gardens

Alexandria’s Library

Greeting Mausolus’ Tomb


Towards Atlantis Lights are,

Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Landskap) – Vocals and keyboards

Riccardo Veronese (Aphonic Threnody, Dea Marica, Arrant Saudade) – Bass

Ivan Zara (Void of Silence) – Guitar

Ivano Olivieri – Drums


Dust Of Aeons sees its release through Transcending Obscurity Records on March 5th

http://Transcending Obscurity Records

http://Official Band Facebook




Atmospheric Doom and a History lesson, all rolled into one

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