We talk to UK Bruisers GUTLOCKER who discuss their background, ahead of their new EP ‘Cry Havoc’, which arrives Friday 20th April.


What is the full band line-up, who plays what?

The line up is Ben Rollinson on bass, Dean Walker on Drums, Peter Tucker on Guitar and Craig McBrearty on vocals.


How and when did the band form?

The band formed 5 years ago with different members over mutual love of music.


When and how did the band really start gelling and solidifying?

November 2017. With the addition of our most recent member “Ben” we are confident that with this current line-up, things will start moving forward. We have been in the process of writing new material that we are hoping to play in front of people over the course of this year.


Who are your musical influences?

The list can go on but to give you an idea: Pantera, Tool, Sepultura, Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, Primus, Faith No More, Opeth, Alice In Chains.


How far back does your history with each other (the band members) extend? are you friends from school or any family relations?

Dean and Craig have history together from playing in a band prior to the early days of Gutlocker. In regards to Ben and Pete,it is through mutual friends from bands where a strong friendship has bonded since.


Where have you played or toured?

Highlights over the time as a band have been sharing stages with Evil Scarecrow, Raging Speedhorn, Trepalium and getting to play the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock. We have covered areas in London, Wales, Manchester, Birmingham, Reading, Guildford, Brighton and Derbyshire where we have got to play with several bands in the underground scene.


In your opinion, how is your band different from all the other bands out there?

We have a simple, to the point sound that is executed through groove orientated riffs.


If a deaf person were to ask you to describe the sound of your music, how would you describe it?

An accurate representation of a person who is in a near constant battle with their own demons.


Where can we find your social media sites?

GUTLOCKER OFFCIAL on Youtube/twitter

gutlocker_official on instagram





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