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The Outlaw Orchestra hit the studio immediately after the release of their mini-album POWERCUT and are now finishing up their second electric album ‘Makin’ Tracks’. 

The band want to offer you the chance to get your police mugshot onto the album artwork and into a future video. Outlaws that pre-order the advance cd/vinyl deal will receive:

An exclusive Inmate T-shirt and inmate card.

Snap a picture yourself in your t-shirt holding your inmate card and email the mugshot selfie back to the band.

This will be included on the vinyl album artwork in the Outlaws Gallery and will be used in a video for a single from the upcoming album.

You will receive a copy of the CD ahead of the official release date and this will be followed by your copy of the vinyl album once production is complete.

‘Makin’ Tracks’ features eleven new songs from The Outlaw Orchestra that demonstrate the band’s signature humour and song writing. There’s everything you’d expect to get you in the weekend mood, songs for drinking, good times and reflecting on how and why it happened again.

The song writing is a serious step up in its delivery and composition. The lyrics have been written, re-written, sung again and again, adjusted and tweaked to make sure they are perfectly Outlaw whilst keeping our ‘on the road’ outlaw following firmly in mind.  “Under the guidance of studio engineer David Evans we have pushed ourselves to get the best out of our instruments and song writing, it undoubtedly shows. This is far and away the most accomplished song writing and playing we have achieved to date”.

“There is always excitement at releasing a new album and a new collection of songs and hopefully we have coined another mass of one liners that the outlaw following will quote in their daily life. We’ve kept the energy level up and have demonstrated our tastes from hard rock to pure country with one toe over the border into Latin America. This is the album we wished we’d made…….oh we did! We wholeheartedly love it and hope all the outlaws out there will join the party as it’s about to step up a notch…….line them up!!”

Pre-order for ‘Makin’ Tracks’ Vinyl/Cd T-shirt mugshot deal from June 4th via 

The Outlaws are offering two competitively-priced options: a Single Tee Pre-Order option, with one exclusive T-Shirt and ‘Inmate’ Card for just £49.99; alternatively, a Double Tee option at £59.99, which includes 2 T-shirts for those fans of the band who live together.

The Outlaw
Photo credit – Will Carter of Two Finger Media

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