The Outlaw Orchestra – new single and video ‘Holy Ground’ from the forthcoming album ‘La Familia’

The Outlaw Orchestra have released their new single and video titled ‘Holy Ground’ from the forthcoming album ‘La Familia’ (Due mid 2024).  ‘Holy Ground’, is a wholly darker, heavier ambient track with echos of Pink Floyd, the grit of Metallica and the attitude of a mean old Johnny Cash, this is proper Hard Rock Outlaw Country.

Singer guitarist Dave Roux says: “I’m a metalhead thru and thru and will always lean that way but add some spaghetti western into the music and we’re really talking. Holy Ground sums up where the boundary is, the place that you don’t tread, the line you don’t cross. I never grasped ‘Forgive and forget’, it seemed like an easy way out to free your mind, I’d rather walk with a stoop and a frown carrying a heavy demon grudge, it keeps a fire burning when you embrace the notion of long term revenge, who was it that said Anger is an energy? I wrote the bones of the song years ago I loved the riff and revisited it earlier this year but with added attitude, Ryan got to flex some seriously tight Gatlin gun double bass drums and Pete laid down a pedal steel slide solo that was so atmospheric, it had a Dave Gilmour feel to it and especially love that last note of the solo. I’m absolutely stoked with how it came out in the studio. It’s a huge sound for just tres hombre”.

La Familia will be out in late Spring or early Summer 2024 as the guys have a couple more tracks to record for the album then a little spit and polish to finish it up.

Single, ‘Holy Ground’ is available from 15/12/23 on all music platforms.

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