South Of Salem – announce ‘In Store’ run on launch week to support the release of ‘Death Of The Party’

Bournemouth rock quintet South Of Salem return with their smash second album Death Of The Party, expected on 19th January via their label (Spider Party Records).
The group are already an underground sensations, they have already supported WASP and Wednesday 13, along with breakout performances at Bloodstock and Stonedead Festivals.
The new album is an all-out hard rock explosion of classic heavy metal, 80s sleaze and horror, with elements of Murderdolls, Avenged Sevenfold, and beyond. Recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon/Twin Atlantic etc), Death Of The Party is a huge record: anthemic, dark, punchy and powerful. Listen out, for example, to the beautifully catchy earworm that is ‘Jet Black Eyes’, or the metallic-edged opening to the floor filler ‘Left For Dead’. South Of Salem are a band here to not mess around.
Inspired by rock gods as varied as Alice Cooper, Guns n Roses, Zakk Wylde, and Murderdolls, to name a few, South Of Salem – unsurprisingly – also take inspiration from the horror genre, to present a new twist on hard rock. Vocalist Joey is an avid collector of horror movies, with over 2000 DVDs and VHSs in his collection; he also writes spooky children’s books, with four published. Guitarist Denis – an avid fan of Zakk Wylde – has roadied for the legend himself, and is also a vinyl collector. His prize record is a Type O Negative test-press of Origin Of The Feces, with a scratch and sniff peel-away sticker. Thankfully, it’s still factory-sealed. 

To coincide with the album’s expected release, the band is pleased to announce:

YES! We can finally announce that we’ll be doing an ‘In Store’ run on our launch week to support the release of our sophomore record ‘Death Of The Party’.

This will be the first (and maybe only) time you’ll be able to catch us doing an unplugged set!

That’s not all. At these record stores ONLY you’ll be able to purchase 1/150 ‘Record Store Edition’ of our new album in white marble complete with limited disco sleeve

That’s STILL not all. Our friends at the legendary Banquet Records now have ‘personally signed’ copies of the album on CD and Cult Blue vinyl available to pre order NOW.

These stores are small and spaces are extremely limited. Get in, and get in now!

Finally, we could not have done this without Tim from Earache Records – thank you so, so much to him and Ian for hooking this up and helping us out

We can’t wait to hang and play some tunes for you! See you there

South Of Salem ARE: 
Joey Draper (vocals) 
Kodi Kasper (guitar)
Denis Sheriff (guitar)
Dee Vower (bass) 
James Clarke (drums)

1: Vultures 
2: Static 
3: Jet Black Eyes 
4: Stitch The Wound 
5: Left For Dead 
6: Hellbound Heart          
7: Bad Habits (Die Hard) 
8: Death Of The Party 
9: A Life Worth Dying For 
10: Villain

Pre-order –

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