THE ORDER Interviewed.

Simon Bower of Planetmosh got the chance to get the lowdown on the bands latest album,touring,songwriting and life in general.


Many thanks for talking to us, I’d like to begin by rewinding to 2006
and the build up to your debut release “Son Of Armageddon”, how did the
band form?


Hi Simon. THE ORDER was founded in Spring 2005 by myself and my long time friends and band mates Andrej (Bass) and Tschibu (Drums). The three of us have played together for over 20 Years in various Bands like GURD, SWAMP TERRORISTS and JERK. We met Gianni some years earlier, when he opened a Show for GURD with his former Band PURE INC. and we were blown away with his voice. Back then, I said to our Drummer that – if we should found our own Band anytime – we should ask him to sing. So we did and he said yes.


You all seem to have had a rich musical history before getting together
as The Order, were your musical styles and tastes similar?


We all have a wide spread taste in music. Of course, everybody has his favourites, Tschibu for example is a big KISS Fan, Andrej and I are more into 80s Hair-Metal but after all, we listen to almost every kind of Rock Music. Beside my passion for Classic Rock I also like Bay Area Thrash-Metal as well as Death- and even Black-Metal.


Following the release of your debut album you followed it up in quick
succession with “Metal Casino” (2007) and “Rockwolf” (2008), you must
have been writing non stop at that time?


During my Time with GURD I always wrote songs that would not fit that style (Thrash-Metal) that we played back then. I wrote a lot of songs over the years and when we founded THE ORDER, we immediately recorded our first Album with songs from this period. I always write songs, so shortly after we finished the recordings for our debut, I had already written almost the whole second Album.


You had a long gap until releasing your latest album, was that a
deliberate plan on your part?


On the one hand, we wanted to take up a lot of time to write the best songs possible. Retrospective I have to say, that I am not so happy with our third Album “Rockwolf“. It would have been a good idea to invest more time in the song writing for this album. I am of the opinion that there is some average material on the record but we learned our lesson and that’s why we spent a lot of time on the song writing on the new album. On the other hand, our previous Label (Dockyard1 Records) went bankrupt shortly after we released”Rockwolf“. So we had to find another Label which took some time as well.


I had the pleasure of reviewing latest release “1986” here on
Planetmosh, and the overall feeling I got from it was that it sounded
like the band had so much fun in the studio, would that be correct?


Oh yeah, we definitively had. We knew, that we had some really strong songs and a good concept up our sleeve and it was definitively a lot of fun to record the songs.


How many songs had you written for the album, were there any that didn’t
make the cut, and if so, will we see them appear in the future?


We wrote more than 20 Songs for the new album and only the best ten made it on the record. And no, I don’t think that we will use those leftovers in the future. Its always better to write fresh material.

I’ve got to ask I guess but why the title “1986”?


1984 and 1987 where already taken by Van Halen and Whitesnake :-). On a serious note, 1986 was a great Year for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Music. A lot of my all time favourite Albums came out then, just thinking of “Master of Puppets“,” Reign In Blood“ or”„Turbo Lover“. Besides that, we wanted a title that fit the music as well as possible and I think, 1986 is a good choice.


You’ve managed to create a sound which leans towards ’80’s rock and
metal but still sounds fresh and up to date, how difficult a challenge
has that been?


We had a strong vision of the direction we wanted to go with that album. We are all big fans of that 80’s stuff and wanted to create an album with songs that could be released in 1986. The production of the album is a different story, we wanted a natural but modern sound. I think that‘s why it sounds fresh and up to date.


What do you put the recent renewed interest in ’80’s/ ’90’s rock down to?


Hmm… hard to say. Maybe just, because its great music? I don’t know. Hard Rock and Metal had a hard time during the 90’s when all that Grunge Stuff came up but sometimes people seem to realize, that Rock music is not just about feeling depressed, to do drugs or to feel sorry for oneself.



I see your in the middle of some summer festival slots, how have they
gone, and when do we get to see The Order on the road proper?


Yeah, we had great times at the festivals this summer. We will play some more shows in autumn / winter – mostly in Switzerland. One of the reasons because we can’t play more shows this year is the fact, that Gianni is involved in a quite successful project here in Switzerland at the moment. He is on the road as Guest-Singer with a well-known Swiss guitar player who released an Album this spring which was in the Swiss charts over 14 Weeks. Until the end of the year he will play almost every weekend at least one show with this guy. So it’s quite difficult for us to find free dates to book some The Order-shows. Nevertheless we are trying to get some more shows for Autumn/Winter at the moment and we are certain, that we will get some more opportunities as soon as the Album is released. Apart from that, we will catch up on everything next year. Don’t worry .


When do you as a band start to think about writing new material, are we
going to see another long gap between releases or are you aiming to have
something out sooner?


I always write Songs. As soon we have enough good material together, we will enter the studio immediately. I don‘t think, that you have to wait another three years for a new THE ORDER album.


Once again, thanks for taking time out to speak to us here at
Planetmosh, and I’d like to finish by asking you to share The Order’s
musical philosophy with our readers and describe the bands sound to
those who may not have heard you before.


THE ORDER is a pure Rock’n’Roll Band from Switzerland. We play Hard Rock in the vein of the 80s, we like to party and we like to play as often as possible. Listen to our new album „1986“ and don‘t forget to like us on facebook Thank you.

THE ORDER’s current album “1986” is available through


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