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The Megs

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On 17 July 2014
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High energy hard rock album from Italian band The Megs. Perfect if you want a rock album full of catchy tunes that draws influences from rock over the last three decades

Cover The Megs 400Awakening is the second album from Italian hard rock quartet, The Megs. Formed in 2010 and releasing their first album Jealousy in 2011, The Megs have gained popularity in their home country for playing what they describe as catchy high energy rock with class and creativity.

The album opens with a mellow intro which transforms into a chunky bass line backed by drumming that give me the confidence that this is indeed a hard rock act. The first track gives us a good taster of the variety the band have on offer as it alternates between solid powerful riffs and a well-executed lead section, all backing the energetic vocals without drawing too much attention from them.

Hungry for more of the same I listen on, and while enjoying the following two tracks (Follow the White Rabbit & Rain of Sand) I couldn’t help hearing similarities to Placebo of the late 90’s. This is not a bad thing as they add a hard rock edge to this sound which works remarkably well. The creativity does not stop there with Blackout which is defiantly the sort of high energy I was expecting, vocally we hear singer Federico Travaglia move between hard rock towards a darker sound in places that would not sound out of place in a guitar goth outfit. Again, despite the variety, it is a really catchy tune that warranted a second play – definitely a good driving tune!

Another track worthy of a mention is ‘Take Me to Heaven’ which in keeping with broad range this album offers could easily be compared to Firehouse or Hardline, with the big riffs and gravelly vocals that featured heavily in the early 90’s rock scene. Thinking a band could not get much more variety on an album I was surprised to hear Apache which has a Native American feel to it, but intertwined with the heavy distorted guitars often found in early 70’s metal.

After listening to Awakening I find it very hard to categorise the band due to the sheer diversity of sounds and influences the album presented to me. Some of the less memorable tracks did have something of an indie fell to them but interspersed between them are some real standout numbers that got the head nodding are well worthy of another listen.

The production quality of the album is good with clear guitars, solid bass, punchy drums and vocals that can be hear above all of this without taking from it. Awakening is available now released by Pure Steel.

Federico Travaglia – vocals, bass
Mattia Aldibek – guitars, vocals
David Visin – guitars, vocals
Manuel Mormina – drums

Track List
1. What I Would Like
2. Follow The White Rabbit
3. Rain Of Sand
4. Blackout
5. My Time
6. Take Me To Heaven
7. Become Nothing To Me
8. Apache
9. Govern Is To Believe
10. Ink Flower

High energy hard rock album from Italian band The Megs. Perfect if you want a rock album full of catchy tunes that draws influences from rock over the last three decades

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