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On 17 July 2014
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A hard rocking muscle song, full of vibrant high octane testosterone!!

Men from down under? Yepp! But this time on a metal mission!!

It would seem that our antipodean cousins are on the war path once again, and by the sound of it this group called “Massive” really mean business!! From the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia have emerged this four piece rock band. They’ve been on the scene for a while, since 2012 in fact, and are so truly hard core and dedicated they will travel over a thousand miles across the burning Australian deserts to play a gig to only 30 people if it’s needed! With that sort of commitment this band can only grow in strength as they have now at last exploded onto the world stage with an iron Aussie fist.

Most, well ok. All of the songs on this, and it’s got to be said, epic debut album ‘Full Throttle‘ are something that’s been missing in the world of metal rock n roll for too long. Soon to be released by ‘Earache Records‘ they go global on July 21st, the guitar work is a mix of hard, fast, blinding riff’s enough to make your head spin! If we had a cross between ‘Motorhead’, ‘AC/DC’ and ‘Greenday’, get the idea?  Then your only a third of the way to getting what this band sounds like. For those of you who know the band already, your in for a real meteoric ride of your life!

Burn The Sun‘ I think they just did! Starting off, this song it sounds like you’ve just caught the end with a classic killer fade out, then bursting into life with a drum time intro. Aggressive delivered lyrics combined with fast paced base beat, it’s a good introduction to the album. There’s some really amazing riffs on the track, and it’s only the first song!! Moving onto track four I think I can feel a little bit of a ghost of Motorhead in the lead singer? ‘One By One‘ this song has been released ( thank god ) as a single. A mega manic, hard rocking muscle song, full of vibrant high octane testosterone!! If you think I’m off my head and just rambling, well listen for your self then!!

I hope they have a good supply of new guitars!!!

Halfway in and we have a brilliant song called ‘ Lacey‘. A  great and very lively intro beat greets you by the hand and drags you onto the dance floor for one more of the blistering numbers from Massive. Almost reminds me of the fifties style of rock n roll! A little bit of retro Chuck Berry mixed in with some belting riffs and metal beats. One line from the song say’s, “Doesn’t matter how or matter even where we’re going , but apparently from all account we’re going all the way “!  Just about say’s it all don’t you think?

Now reeling in the pace just a little we have the magical sound of ‘Ghost‘. Harmonical lyrics abound from every speaker as I listen to a 21st century modern classic track playing on my humble stereo system. Absolutely stunning, and a real pleasure to chill out and just take in what the guys have created. Its a five out of five just for this song alone!

As an extra treat you can listen to the guys taking about what they get up to down under……

Next up from the “Road Hog’s” is the album title song ‘Full Throttle‘. Again to complement the mix on this album, this is a much more aggressive song, pushing you to the ‘ heavy metal side ‘ of rock and roll. A blood vessel bursting manic beat, stuffed to the rim with superb guitar playing by both lead and bass, and a lead singer who can belt out the lyrics quicker than a Roo can run from a lonely frustrated out-back farmer!!

As a bonus for fans, there are four extra tracks as a treat from the lads. ‘Halo Or The Gun‘ , ‘Same Old Story‘ and two covers! One of AC/DC’s ‘ If You Want Blood ( You’ve Got It )’ and an Aerosmith classic ‘Rats In The Cellar‘. Both are, as you’d expect, just done to perfection!!

These guys have a unique way of playing, and have that fresh young blood feel that I hope they keep up for a long time yet!!

Album tracks……

  1. Burn The Sun
  2. Hollywood
  3. Bring down The City
  4. One By One
  5. Big Trend Setter
  6. Lacey
  7. Dancefloor
  8. Ghost
  9. Now Or Never
  10. Best Of Both Worlds
  11. Full Throttle

Bonus Tracks……..

  1. Halo Or The Gun
  2. Same Old Story
  3. If You Want Blood ( AC/DC )
  4. Rats In The Cellar  ( Aerosmith )

Band Members…….

Brad Marr
Ben Laguda
Aidan McGarrigle
Jarrod Medwin


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A hard rocking muscle song, full of vibrant high octane testosterone!!

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