The Iniquity Descent, “The Human Apheresis” cd.


This album represents the bands full length debut, having formed in 2009 and released two critically acclaimed E.P.’s, the timing was obviously right to unleash “The Human Apheresis” onto a worldwide audience following signing to Massacre Records.
Hailing from Finland the band fall firmly into the Black Metal genre but seem highly adept at infusing some killer Hard Rock riffs, which makes the resulting sound a lot more palatable and definitely more commercial.

Opener “In Prostration” kicks in with some dark demonic chanting and then leaps up and pounds you to the ground with pure power. “Obedience Torn” continues the theme of unrelenting assault fueled by some superb powerhouse drumming.
The album as a whole works really well, capturing the best elements of Black Metal and managing to keep itself sufficiently melodic so as not to alienate a large section of the Metal audience, “Decimate Disintegrate” being a prime example of how it should be done.
An excellent full length debut from an excellent band who on the evidence of this showing show great promise.

Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;
1. In Prostration.
2. An Empty Temple.
3. The Human Apheresis.
4. Obedience Torn.
5. Collector vs. Protector.
6. Believers In The Apotheosis;
Imaginary Ectoplasmic Hands.
7. Decimate, Disintegrate.
8. Trust The Serpent.
9. The Invisible.
10. Infected.

Iniquity Descent are;

Mathias Lillmans – Vocals.
Mikael Mannstrom – Guitar.
Philip Kerbs – Guitar.
Jonas Frilund – Bass.
Kenna Nygard – Drums.

Out now via Massacre Records.

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