Sweet Houdini detail spanking new video

Fuzzed-up alternative crew SWEET HOUDINI draw a line in the sand with their mega-infectious new single and video, Dominatrix, out now. Watch the video, here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihmthHCGItQ .

Hailing from Essex, England, freshly-formed trio, SWEET HOUDINI capture the essence of 90s alt-rock and punk, embracing the raw emotion, energy, and uncertainties that defined the era while taking it to new heights. Channelling the spirit of bands such as Nirvana, Wolf Alice, and The Smashing Pumpkins, SWEET HOUDINI unleash a sonic landscape infused with gritty guitars and filthy rhythms that emit personality and magnetism.

After spending time on different projects, Tom Reynolds (guitar and vocals) joined forces with blood brothers, Wayne (drums) and Gary Summers (bass), and the trio are now armed with a manifesto to craft music that pushes the envelope and serves as a sanctuary for the unconventional. As witnessed by the band’s brand new single, Dominatrix, which is a blazing piece of alluring alternative rock, framed with driving riffs, and rounded off with a vigorous delivery, SWEET HOUDINI have all the key elements to cut through the vanguard of the music scene. Their live shows are equally impressive and they have gained much acclaim for their authenticity, animation, and genuine crowd interaction.

Their unapologetically authentic sound embodies the essence of society’s underbelly with an abrasive edge that demands attention – you just can’t help but be drawn into their enthralling world of intrigue. With a flurry of content and material planned for next year, along with a series of exciting live performances, 2024 is poised to be a monolithic year for SWEET HOUDINI.


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