Steel Prophet – Into The Void / Continuum

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Steel Prophet

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On 13 October 2014
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"Everything from harmonic melodies to bone crunching riffs to drum beats that want to smack you right in the kisser"

Steel Prophet - Into The Void / Continuum
Steel Prophet – Into The Void / Continuum

30 years on, Connecticut Metallers Steel Prophet have released a re-issue of their 1997 album Into The Void but there is a surprise. With this album comes a re-release of their 1996 EP Continuum for this to become a double album. Sounds like 2 for the price of 1, especially if you’re a screaming, wailing power metal fan. When it comes to power metal it is sometimes difficult to put each track into words as a lot of the songs sound samey. The band surprise me because they are simply like an Iron Maiden tribute band with an Andre Matos voice-a-like on vocals. An interesting combination? I would like to think so.

Into The Void is a fantastically re-furbished album. First track ‘The Revenant’ shows that this band are the real deal. ‘Passage Of Time (Amber Leaves)’ is the ballad of the album; beginning with soothing acoustic with drumming so basic yet so delicate. I listened to it with my eyes shut and believe me, I felt like I was in another world. ‘Ides Of March/Purgatory’ – A Iron Maiden cover you say? It’s hard to pull off a cover of Iron Maiden’s but I think Steel Prophet pulled it off beautifully. Possibly one of the best Maiden covers I have heard. All tracks on this album are very Maiden-esque, which doesn’t surprise me as… Well… It’s Maiden. Need I say more? ‘What’s Behind The Veils’ is possibly the most interesting track on the album; with crunchy riffs and melodic guitar harmonies, the track is a real treat.

The album is full of surprises, they have taken on so much and combined styles to create a masterpiece – Everything from harmonic melodies to bone crunching riffs to drum beats that want to smack you right in the kisser. If you’re someone who likes taking a risk, this album is the one for you.

Now we continue on to Continuum. With 30 minutes of skull crushing power metal, the EP is certainly an instant hit for true power metal fans. The tracks each have a variation of styles, genres and influences. ‘Death’ plays and already the hairs on my arms are sticking up with chilling harmonies and simplistic drumming and then BAM! Your ass is whooped when the vocals kick in. A monstrous start to the EP. Each track may have something about them but the one song that stands out hands down – ‘Sungazer’. Picture yourself in a grubby pub where your feet stick to the floor with many shots and beer had and then this song begins to blast on the jukebox, your ass is up and you are air guitaring and headbanging like a mothertrucker. You can really feel yourself living in the 80’s with songs like this and it makes me wish that I grew up in that era.

This EP is a true classic if you’re hungry for anything and everything. This release shows they have remained a true band although why they remain in the underground scene after so long is beyond me. They are an outstandingly epic band with so much to give. Support band for an Iron Maiden show in the future? I reckon it is truly well deserved. Someday, boys. Someday.

Check Out: Sungazer, What’s Behind The Veils, Ides of March/Purgatory
If You Enjoy: Helloween, Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray

Into The Void – 1 – The Revenant
Into The Void – 2 – Death Of Innocence
Into The Void – 3 – Trapped In The Trip
Into The Void – 4 – Your Failure Inscribed In Stone
Into The Void – 5 – Passage Of Time (Amber Leaves)
Into The Void – 6 – Of The Dream
Into The Void – 7 – The Ides Of March/Purgatory
Into The Void – 8 – What’s Behind The Veils
Into The Void – 9 – Idols
Into The Void – 10 – Hate²
Continuum – 1 – Death
Continuum – 2 – Unconscious Man (Walks Erect)
Continuum – 3 – Life
Continuum – 4 – Environmental Revolt
Continuum – 5 – Sungazer

Released: 19th September 2014
Label: Pure Steel Records

Steel Prophet Are:
Rick Mythiasin – Vocals
Steve Kachinsky – Guitars
Jon Paget – Guitars
Vince Dennis – Bass
John Tarascio – Drums


"Everything from harmonic melodies to bone crunching riffs to drum beats that want to smack you right in the kisser"

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