STARKILL post studio footage, new album out October 14

STARKILL have posted the first in a series of videos discussing their upcoming album, “Virus Of The Mind”. Dubbed, “Creating the Virus”, the first of these videos can be found here:

The first song from “Virus of the Mind” (due out on October 14, 2014), “Breaking The Madness”, is streaming now on the Century Media YouTube channel. The Chicagobased metallers will embark on a full U.S./Canadian tour joining up with Arch Enemy, Kreator and Huntress as well as headlining shows in between. Please head to for all dates.

STARKILL released their debut album, “Fires Of Life”, to much acclaim and toured the world in support of that album, playing with everyone from Amorphis, Turisas, Wintersun to Krisiun and many more.

Track listiStarkill Creatingng:
1. Be Dead or Die
2. Winter Desolation
3. Breaking the Madness
4. Virus of the Mind
5. Skyward
6. Before Hope Fades
7. Into Destiny
8. God of This World
9. My Catharsis
10. Convergence

Parker Jameson: lead guitar, vocals, keyboards
Spencer Weidner: drums
Tony Keathley: guitar, backing vocals
Shaun Andruchuk: bass guitar

Check out “Breaking The Madness” here.

STARKILL online:

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