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On 2 May 2023
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Spirit intoxicatingly return with brand new studio album Le Chaos! Out now on Rockcity Production!

Well here’s a nice surprise as a blast from the past that sees French heavy metal band Spirit return with their stunning new studio album Le Chaos , recently released by Rockcity Production. Formed in 1996 in the North Of France (hauts de France/pas de Calais), it’s sung in French which to me, makes it a very interesting listen.

This war themed album opens with ‘En Marche Vers’, a brief instrumental of an heraldic like marching to war vibe that heads straight into ‘Le Chaos’ as a full on headbanging intro heads off into heavy metal heaven, reaching higher levels when the vocals from Bill Kendama arrive like a force of nature for a proto thrash delivery pinned down by a seismic drum battery.

‘L’Effort De Guerre’ contains another masterclass of drumming from Jean-Francois Chapelet as he forges this pounder along and Bill delivers an angry vocal as it closes on melodic twin lead guitar work.

‘Le Brasier’ is a raging hard rocker to keep the headbangers happy, especially when the choruses arrive on a kick drum assault.

‘Les Forces De L’Ombre’ has sturdy riffing that march alongside militaristic drum patterns that muscle up in the battle cry choruses and air guitars are mandatory for the facemelting choruses.

‘Forme A Tuer’ has a riff that’s loud and proud and stands tall against another inhuman drum battery of snapping snares and cataclysmic kick drums.

Vocals hit stratospheric heights in ‘Survivant’ as almost doom metal riffs dominate until those ankle snapping kick drums are never too far away.

‘Souterrain Mortel’ is a certified pit opener for sure as it builds up to a crescendo and a spotlight stealing lead vocal.

‘Rester Cache’ has suffocating grooves and even denser rhythms over a gritty vocal and aramageddon inducing kick drumming.

‘Amour Et Deshonneur’ once again sees a song that’s almost impossible to describe how over the top it is due to another ridiculously over the top display of inventive drum patterns to lift it up to new levels of aural devastation!

This very impressive album ends on a victorious high with ‘Les Marches Du Temple’. Multiple time changes of speed metal acceleration settle down into a chug of ground shaking prowess as choruses seem to rejoice as if a battle has been won, ending on a full bodied slam and high pitched vocal outro.

Spirit band information is here : – http://spiritmetalband.crd.co Ihttps://www.facebook.com/spiritnidieuxnimaitresIhttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=spirit+band+le+chaos

Le Chaos album track listing :-

En Marche Vers.

Le Chaos.

L’Effort De Guerre.

Le Brasier.

Les Forces De L’Ombre.

Forme A Tuer.


Souterrain Mortel.

Rester Cache.

Amour Et Deshonneur.

Les Marches Du Temple.

Spirit band personnel :-

Bill Kendama – Lead Vocals.

Aurelien Pauchet – Guitars.

Thierry Tripenne – Guitars.

Christophe Tripenne – Bass Guitar.

Jean -Francois Chapelet – Drums.

Spirit intoxicatingly return with brand new studio album Le Chaos! Out now on Rockcity Production!

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