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On 14 April 2019
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Release date: 13/04/19.
Length: 46:38.
This is a brilliant album, well produced and mixed superbly.
Six Sins are on my radar.

Six Sins Till Sunday  are an unsigned / independent Southern/Groove Metal outfit from Plymouth releasing this their debut album. Formed in 2012, they released an EP in each year of 2013, 2014 and 2015 titled ‘Six Sins Til Sunday’‘Nex Ratio’,  and ‘Time To Kill’  respectively. Having not heard any previous material (which is how I like it), I was intrigued to find out what the extreme south of England has to offer, and I am not disappointed.

Album opener and title track ‘Masks‘  hits us with a Metallica-style ‘Wherever I May Roam’  riff. The first thing you’ll notice is Chris Newman’s vocal range. It’s a unique style of growling. Filthy, yet melodic. The track itself is a heavy onslaught of stop-start riffage with some angry vocals, nice dual guitar work and an excellent solo.

‘Revenge Kill’  is very similar to a band called Master Charger  that I recently caught up with at Hammerfest. Nicely tuned down guitars which hold that ‘chugging’ phenomena.  There’s some superbly brutal lyrics in this track, together with a beautifully crafted peaceful interlude halfway through. Watch for the way it kicks back in. Stunning. Great track.

There’s some definite shades of Metallica influencing Six Sins Till Sunday, and this shows in the length of the tracks. ‘Life On A Cross’  clocking in at a whopping 7min 38secs. Some lovely bass work in this from Andy Westwood. Chris demonstrates his vocal range even further in this track. It holds another peaceful interlude, allowing Chris to open up the more serene side to his voice.

The album highlight for me is ‘Allegory Of The Cave’.  What a stomping track this is. It’s pushes towards Machine Head’s  direct style mixed with some Biohazard, and Chris’ vocals make you realise that he is not a happy chap as he tirades BillyBio  style. Lovely.

This album is full of sublime riffs and mesmerising tunes. Hard, angry, and forceful tracks that will sit comfortably alongside any accomplished band of the same ilk. You’d be making a wise choice by checking out this album and indeed Six Sins Till Sunday. These guys are now on my radar to catch live.




1 – Masks

2 – Revenge Kill

3 – Life On A Cross

4 – Darkest Sorrow

5 – Allegory Of The Cave

6 – Six Feet Down South

7 – Whiskey For A Dime

8 – User Guide




Chris Newman – Vocals   /   Pete Day – Guitars   /   Colin Jones – Guitars

Andy Westwood – Bass   /   Neil Harwood – Drums


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Release date: 13/04/19. Length: 46:38. This is a brilliant album, well produced and mixed superbly. Six Sins are on my radar.

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