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On 21 November 2018
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Melodic, punchy, classy, all these and more




Germany’s latest exponents of classic Hard Rock, Radiant announce themselves with a rip roaring self titled debut


Formed in Northern Germany in 2014, Radiant have been busy assembling an album of so many fist pumping Rock anthems, that it’s in danger of becoming an instant classic. Opening with the jump and sing a long ‘Yes I Am’, it’s soon pretty obvious that you’re all invited to party, and an 80’s Rock one at that. I loved the overall mix of the album, and with fourteen tracks spanning over sixty minutes running time, there sure is plenty to mix. Herbie Langhans puts on a master vocal class on this record, powerful and controlled with just a hint of gruffness, and a real retro feel. The Bass duties are handled by Markus Beck, and what a show he puts on, very Sheehan esque in places, adding a real different twist to things. The guitars come to life on tracks like ‘You Rock’, which is a pure headbanger’s delight, if that track doesn’t get you going then nothing will. ‘Dorian Gray’ is a real lighters in the air track, quite bluesy in parts and a song that wouldn’t be out of place played on a stadium stage. A good number of the songs fall in and around the power ballad category, and to be honest , the band could easily have held at least a couple back for album number two but I’m not complaining


As previously mentioned, Radiant have one foot firmly planted in the 80’s Rock scene, moments of Journey and Whitesnake spring up from time to time but the overall sound sure doesn’t sound dated, moreover a fresh slant on an older theme. A song such as ‘Liars’ for example sounds pretty timeless, and shows how good a job the band have done in keeping things fresh and relevant


Melodic, punchy, classy, this album has all those and more. A real treat for every Hard Rock fan

Recommended Track – You Rock

Track Listing ;

1. Yes I Am
2. I’m Alive
3. Silver Linings
4. You Rock
5. Dorian Gray
6. Forever One
7. Heroes
8. Liars
9. Not Worth After All
10. Paint The Grey
11. My Own Way
12. Should I Live With You
13. Life’s Shadows
14. Hit The Night

Radiant Line Up ;

Herbie Langhans – Vocals, Additional Guitars & Keyboards
Flo Gottsleben – Guitars
Carsten Stepanowicz – Guitars
Markus Beck – Bass
Manni Spalka – Drums

Radiant is out now via Massacre Records






Melodic, punchy, classy, all these and more

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