Princess Alice Manor release brand new single

Hugely captivating Brit solo artist, PRINCESS ALICE MANOR, sets loose her breath-taking new EP, Outer Demons, on Friday 18th August. Just prior to the EP launch, Alice has now unleashed her new single, mon-STaR (You Know What You Are) . PRINCESS ALICE MANOR will also deliver a unique accompanying lyric video, which drops on Monday 7th August.

Crafting a pioneering eclectic sound that has immense crossover appeal, PRINCESS ALICE MANOR is braced to become one of the very few transgender artists to break through to the mainstream. Alice blends engaging electronica and industrial, with lethal nu-metal, and the hooky guile of EDM. The end product is an intriguing and individual combination of electronic metalcore that can only deeply ignite.

Coming at you from the UK’s LGBT Capital, Brighton, PRINCESS ALICE MANOR has grown up in various circles, and in doing so, has lifted inspiration from 00’s emo scene, the world of drag, and even the Asian idol world. Identifying as a trans woman, Alice combines trans awareness into her artistic works. Her previous singles, Break It Off, and, Beautiful (Trans Anthem), illustrate her past traumas and look to highlight trans issues that aren’t communicated in mainstream media. PRINCESS ALICE MANOR’s debut EP, iDolKillerZ, was released last year and secured warm acclaim from Powerplay Magazine, and throughout the UK underground scene.

PRINCESS ALICE MANORis now poised to step up and has the perfect accompaniment in the form of her engulfing new EP, Outer Demons. The first single from the record, Alive, received strong support, and the EP has already prompted Metal Hammer to feature Alice in a forthcoming issue of the coveted magazine. Armed with a record that is loaded with thumping nu-metal riffs, absorbing electronics, and intelligent dynamics wielded to potent effect, there is nothing stopping PRINCESS ALICE MANOR breaking through to the masses……

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