OCEAN MIND – 2 Ready 2 Live.

A pure Rock record of the highest quality.



At the risk of showing my age again, I remember those heady, trippy days of the mid 80’s and the effect a certain album called ’Electric’ by a certain band called The Cult had on my musical outlook and appreciation. In many ways a simple album but in its construction and delivery an album that really shook things up and still gets the odd spin on the turntable.
Ocean Mind have had very much the same effect on me, coming up with a raw, power packed album reminiscent of the aforementioned The Cult mixed with The Doors, thrown together and served with such a confident swagger, making it an absolutely addictive audio experience.
Formed in 2008 and with one previous release in 2009 to their name, the band may well be unfamiliar to many of you out there. That may well change if you take time to check this album out, the fact that it has been nurtured and produced by none other than Lee Popa ( Korn, Tool, White Zombie) should immediately make you sit up and take notice, a fine job on the production front it is to, capturing that all important live feel to a tee.
The band have a very definite and deliberate retro vibe going on, most of the tracks awash with some gloriously psychedelic synth and keyboard, ‘Leather Messiah’ and ‘Howl’ being good examples.
Another track which stood out for me was ‘Find Yourself’, close your eyes and you can almost picture Jim Morrison belting this one out, bottle of vodka in hand, eyes half closed but in total control. Musically the band are a lot heavier than The Doors ever were of course, on display here are some really low down and dirty riffs that demand you to jump and dance, ‘Wanderlust’ being a great example, try staying still whilst listening to that one, go on ,I dare you.
Billed as shredding stoner rock, the band succeed in ticking all the right boxes, although to me, this is pure and simply an album of bloody good rock music, stripped down to  the basics and all the better for it.
If you like The Doors, QOTSA, early BÖC, The Cult, then you should really dig this one, highly recommended.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;SONY DSC

1. 2 Ready 2 Live.
2. Leather Messiah.
3. Howl.
4. Find Yourself.
5. Heavy Load.
6. Scissor Tongue.
7. Wanderlust.
8. Am I Getting Right.
9. Victim Of Gravity.
10. End Of Time.
11. Monkey Ear.

Ocean Mind are;

Zach D. – Vocals, Piano, Organ, Synth, Bass.
Peter P. – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Synth, Bass.
Lefty P. – Drums and Percussion.

Out now via The Leaders Records.





[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES1IUh2eG38&w=420&h=315]

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