KARNYA – Coverin’ Thoughts.

A  sparkling gemstone of Progressive Metal brilliance.



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If you can’t get inspired musically when you come from beautiful Rome then there really must be something seriously wrong with you. Founded in 2010 by musicians that are no strangers to the Italian scene, having played and recorded with various bands, Karnya already have an excellent and talented foundation on which to build.
Musically, we are standing in the Progressive Metal corner here, however, it should be said that this release sits right at the top of the table. Firstly, the vocals of Riccardo Nardocci are nothing short of sensational, such power, such clarity, such feeling, that it is hard not to be swept up and carried away on a wave of melodic brilliance. Tracks such as the wondrous ’Flooding Blood’ are pure genius, striking the perfect balance between passion and power, melody and Metal, ferocity and finesse. The technical adeptness of the musicians is really second to none, an overall sound as tight as it could possibly get and yet, you still get the feeling of fluidity and freedom of expression on each and every track.
Although you can definitely pick up on the 70’s influence in places, this is an album that screams modern, a lot faster paced than many releases in the same genre and indeed heavier, it is an album that could and should cross boundaries and gain a much wider appeal.
Quieter moments do pop up now and again though, the sublime ’Fallen Angel’ builds into a glorious, anthemic power ballad of epic proportions. Contrasted by the thumping, bass filled monster that is  ‘Stronger’, it expertly demonstrates the high level of versatility the band have managed to achieve with this album.
An album that begs to be listened to over and over again, which in all honesty you will have to do, as you can not possibly hope to absorb all that is on offer in a few sittings. I’ve tried to break down and analyse each track but each time you revisit, some new twist or variation pops up which you hadn’t caught before, making this record one for the most discerning of listeners.
Make this album top of your shopping list, a real gem and deserving of the highest possible acclaim.

Rating 9.5/10.

Track Listing;

1. Mechanical Mixtures.
2. Flooding Blood.
3. Coverin’ Thoughts.
4. Wait 4 More.
5. Fallen Angel.
6. Stronger.
7. Where The Silence Remains.
8. Sliver.
9. Hariel.
10. Ego’s End.
11. A Paraphreniac Menticide.
12. Still Alive.

Karnya are;karnya band

Riccardo Nardocci – Vocals, Guitars.
Dario De Pasquale – Keyboards.
Enrico Sandri – Bass.
Luca Ciccotti – Drums.

Coverin’Thoughts is released on the 26th of February through Baker Team Records.




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I47B9VqO0AE&w=560&h=315]

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