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Do you remember that feeling you got as a kid, waking up on Christmas Day, running down the stairs, kicking the cat out of the way to get at the presents under the tree and then actually getting the present you wanted? Well, that’s how I felt when this beauty dropped into my lap from Planetmosh HQ.

This is the debut offering from Victor Griffin of Pentagram fame and what a glorious triumph it turns out to be, more grooves than a Goodyear, more Rock than a quarry, more… well, you get the idea.
I was hooked from around four seconds into opener ’Digital Clinic’ ( I like to take my time) and didn’t let go throughout. A wonderful collection of Doom driven, Sabbath esque, dark and powerful Stoner Rock, you will not lay your hands on anything better in this wide and varied genre anytime soon.

Victors passion for music is as strong and valid now as at any previous point in his long and illustrious career, listening to tracks like ’Late For An Early Grave’ will send shivers down the spine, make the hairs on your neck stand up and more than likely, a few other involuntary bodily reactions may occur as well. Packed with killer riffs, controlled power and aggression, this really is a master class of an album. Listen to ’Fading Flower’ and tell me your not genuinely moved and I will show you the door.

I must point out however that this is most definitely not a solo album, Victor has gathered some superb fellow musicians together for this project and the combined input and influences of all concerned can not fail but to shine through on each and every track.

As a collection of songs, the album gels superbly well, no fillers, just fine, passionate Rock music delivered in a way that is simply mesmerising and an absolute joy and pleasure to listen to.  A punchy production sound helps to convey that all important, raw and gritty feel to proceedings, giving you the impression and feeling that your in the studio with the band, sat in the corner, Bourbon in hand, soaking it all in.
Lyrically as well, the album is well thought out ’Love Song For The Dying’ a true classic in the making “Another empty night in a strangers embrace…”, just one line from many on show.

Album closer ’Never Surrender’ says it all really, bubbling over with attitude and commitment, a full tilt, head banging finale to, put simply, one of the best records I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in ages. Essential listening for all fans of Rock and Metal.

Rating 10/10.

Track Listing;vic live

1. Digital Critic.
2. What If…
3. Late For An Early Grave.
4. Fading Flower.
5. Thorn In The Flesh.
6. Teacher.
7. Love Song For The Dying.
8. Never Surrender.

Recording Musicians;

Victor Griffin – Guitars and Vocals.
Pete Cambell – Drums.
Guy Pinhas
Greg Turley
Ron Holzner
Dan Lively
Marty Swaney
Anne Griffin – Bass.
Jeff Oly Olson
Michael Puleo – Keyboards.

Released 22nd of March through SVART Records.



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