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Mammoth Mammoth

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On 20 April 2017
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Dirty and sleazy Rock 'N' Roll, a soundtrack to wreck your room to

Mammoth Mammoth (so good they named them twice) return to the fore with an unstoppable and uncompromising album ‘Mount The Mountain’, a release that sees them up the ante and push themselves up into the higher echelons of the music scene

The band have been around for some ten years now, hailing from Melbourne down under, bedding themselves in with consistently solid albums and E.P.’s that eventually saw them snapped up by Napalm Records, a move which has obviously enhanced their global exposure and appeal


Describing the band’s sound is easy enough, and I don’t mean to simplify what they do at all by saying that but it’s just plain old good time Rock. Obviously there is a hell of a lot more goes into the melting pot in terms of writing and construction but essentially it’s just their take on that sleazy, party sound that is so infectious. Imagine being around AC/DC circa TNT/High Voltage, or Rose Tattoo circa ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw’ ( just to throw in another couple of Aussie legends), both bands with that confident swagger, and that “We’re going to take on the world” attitude, well that feeling comes across so strongly on this record


Opening track and indeed title track ‘Mount The Mountain’ doesn’t pull any punches in the way it just jumps straight down your throat with a full on attack, solid and aggressive riffs with an annoyingly catchy chorus, it’s pretty much a ten out of ten way to start the party rolling. Followed by ‘Spellbound’ which is a much more low down and dirtier affair, and the track that is closest to the Stoner label that the band seem to constantly have thrown at them. Indeed, once you begin to scratch beneath the surface you get the gist of exactly how much the lads have packed into this offering, ‘Wild And Dead’ with its Punk tinged chorus that Sham 69 would have been proud of, or ‘Hard Way Down’ with its DC/Motorhead vibe, it is actually a really varied bunch of songs


Performance wise the band  pretty much nail it on this album, the raw passion and energy flows through the speakers from start to finish, a fact that is a credit to the production team as that is something that can so often be lost by over polishing the sound and therefore losing that all important raw and gritty feel


The album closes with a somewhat strange but never the less enjoyable cover of Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, although personally I feel it might have been better suited to a ‘b’ side or E.P. inclusion but still, if you want a throw the beer glass in the air and dance on the table kind of track to finish on then this is pretty much it


With ‘Mount  The Mountain’, Mammoth Mammoth have put Rock music over their knee and spanked its arse red raw. An album that cannot fail to catapult the band up to heady heights


Recommended Track – Mount The Mountain


Track Listing;

  1. Mount The Mountain
  2. Spellbound
  3. Hole In The Head
  4. Kickin My Dog
  5. Procrastination
  6. Sleepwalker
  7. Epitome
  8. Hard Way Down
  9. Wild And Dead
  10. Cold Liquor
  11. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Bonus Track)

Line up;

Ben Couzens – guitars
Mikey Tucker – vocals
Frank Trobbiani – drums
Pete Bell – bass


Mount The Mountain sees its release on the 28th of April through Napalm Records

Check the bands official website and social media pages for their forthcoming Euro tour dates



Dirty and sleazy Rock 'N' Roll, a soundtrack to wreck your room to

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