NOCICEPTOR signs with Rogue Records America

Rogue Records America has been on the hunt lately for killer artists and its hit pay dirt with Texas groove metal band NOCICEPTOR, who have recently signed for a two album publishing and distribution deal.

NOCICEPTOR tore up the scene with their third full length, Among Insects, and has big plans for 2014 and beyond with new releases, tours and much more! Rogue Records America will re-issue Among Insects in a Digipak CD while the band works on their highly anticipated fourth album. A new lyric video will also be released for the song ‘The Fell’, but in the meantime, you can check out the lyric video for the band’s recent single ‘Pornoholocaust’ here:

“I f***king love NOCICEPTOR,” says Rogue Records Amreica owner Dean Martinetti. “I am a fan and have been since the first time I heard ‘Pornoholocaust’ off of Among Insects. It’s a rare thing for me to just gravitate to an artist off of one song but the band has a style and hooks all their own and that makes them super unique. I had to see if we could work together because I have a lot of ideas I wanted to throw at them and was dying to hear what they were up to.”

NOCICEPTORWell, wishes come true. In 2013, JD Schmidt the singer of NOCICEPTOR started talking to Dean via Facebook about working together. The two had likeminded thoughts about the band, its direction and its future making the idea of working together a no brainier. The force behind NOCICEPTOR cannot be contained, this is a band that you need to listen to, absorb and ingest. They are fiercely heavy and unrelenting in their execution on music – a force that everyone needs to reckon with.

NOCICEPTOR had this to say of the recent deal, “This relationship has been a long time coming. Everyone over at Rogue Records has been really supportive ever since Among Insects was released, and we are ecstatic to finally be in a mutually beneficial partnership with them. Our upcoming (and as of yet unnamed) album will be the first of hopefully numerous releases under Rogue’s mentorship, and the future looks brighter than ever. Rogue Records is the kind of label that can see that the industry is in flux, and knows how to be strategically flexible to ensure that their bands get the opportunities they deserve. This is exactly the kind of situation we have been looking for, and we could not be more excited!”

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