AMONGST THIEVES Signs with Rogue Records America

It’s astounding when you think of all the amazing talent that has recently signed up with Rogue Records America. Perhaps it’s because the label isn’t a true “label” in the sense of the word, leaving the majority of power with the artist, allowing them to recoup faster on releases, and also allowing them full ownership and rights of their music and recordings!

AMONGST THIEVESIt’s these things that make Rogue different. Because of this, another amazing artist to watch out for has signed up with the label. Rogue Records America proudly announces the signing of AMONGST THIEVES to the Rogue family.

AMONGST THIEVES is a San Francisco five piece rock/metal band formed in July 2011. The band is comprised of five players who all come from different musical backgrounds. With this amalgamation of talent comes a power-house sound that screams. The be releasing their debut full-length album Last to Suffer to the world via DIGIPACK CD and DIGITAL on September 23, 2014 and immediately hit the road to support it. Last to Suffer, which features the first single ‘Torn Apart’, is an album two years in the making.

The band’s first single ‘Torn Apart’ will be available online and via lyric video on release day – September 23, 2014.
 “I’ve known Bassist Scott Proctor for many years now, he was one of the driving forces in THE LAST NOVA before breaking out on his own and when he approached me with AMONGST THIEVES, I was intrigued. But I wanted to hear them…at the time all he had was early demos,” says the label’s owner and mouthpiece, Dean Martinetti. “For months I waited to hear music and when I finally did…it didn’t disappoint. Bringing them into the family was a no brainer.”

For AMONGST THIEVES, this gives them leverage to start their assault on the music world. With Distribution / Publishing, Marketing and PR, and D2D band business being done behind the scenes for them by Rogue, the band can commit themselves fully to playing out live in support and writing new material.

The band had this to say about the relationship: “We are extremely excited to be part of the Rogue family. We were instantly attracted to Rogue due to their passion and out of the box thinking. We are honored to be a part of such gifted artists and talent associated with the label.”

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