DEATHBREED Sign with Rogue Records America


On first listen you understand just how serious DEATHBREED are about making a name for themselves. The music is punishing, unrelenting and at times chaotic. Upon continued listening, you also come to realize that this band will emerge on the scene as a juggernaut for death metal. DEATHBREED takes inspiration from bands like Behemoth, Bloodbath, Aeon, Soreption, As You Drown and more, but pave their own path amongst the Swedish death metal genre.


Rogue Records America is pleased to announce that they’ve signed DEATHBREED to a three-record deal with the publisher. In addition, Rogue will provide all PR, marketing and distribution for the band while they hit the road to promote their upcoming first Rogue Records America release, New World Order.


Rogue Records America co-owner Dean Martinetti states, “I heard one song off a live video, saw how they were live and how tight they were and also saw how rabid the people at the show were… then I heard the new album… and I said to Raymond Herrera (my biz partner)…we have to sign these guys like TODAY!”



DEATHBREED’s new album New World Order will be released on the world January 30, 2015 in a Digipak CD format with six-page booklet. A new track cut from the record, ‘Surveillance’, can be streamed as of now via the Rogue Records America Soundcloud:


One of the main selling points for DEATHBREED in their then-pending deal with Rogue was that they could own their music on both publishing and mastering, something Rogue does as default for all its bands. Once the band was assured that they had total creative freedom and would continue to own all the rights to their music forever – it was a done deal


DEATHBREED had this to say about the signing, “It feels great to become one of the family at Rogue Records America! Having a proper record label that supports you as a hard working artist the way Rogue Records America does is hard to find in today’s industry. We feel great potential in signing with these guys and we are here to bring up the amount of blast beats coming out from the label! We are stoked for the future and can’t wait to release this debut full length album! Fuck yeah!”



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