NO :IR – Vanity (single)


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On 16 August 2020
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Pounds harder than the hammer of Thor!

Back in the day, a lot of the nu metal genre bands did absolutely nothing for me, but fast forward to the present day as Bristol based band NO :IR have relit a fire that went out many years ago with their single ‘Vanity’.

Vocals are rapped, clean and blood curdling howls make for a convincing delivery. Stuttering and bombastic riffs are pinned down by a tight rhythm section. A laid back calm midsection explodes into a seismic adrenaline rush outro. A sure fire pit opener!

Links to the band can be found here.

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Apple Music // :IR/dp/B08542CCRY/?tag=plane09-21

NO :IR band line up :-

Sam ‘ewi’ Davies – Lead vocals.

George Farley – Drums/backing vocals.

Alex Roberts – Guitar.

Sonny Gazzard – Guitar.

Jake Gazzard – Bass guitar.

Pounds harder than the hammer of Thor!

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