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On 1 April 2023
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Five fast and furious songs are thrashed out on the self titled EP by Black Coast.

No April Fools Day today from noisy bastards Black Coast as they unleash their five track self titled EP at the end of this month. The Stoke On Trent (in) famous five return once more to terrify us whilst pushing the boundaries of metal to its limit. They sound absolutely huge here, courtesy of an overwhelming shift in the studio produced and mixed by Sam Bloor.

My point is proven by opening track ‘Real (Are You Listening?)’. An hypnotic guitar trickery intro caught my attention from the off as an early warning of “Are you listening”? from lead vocalist Charlie Hewitt is mandatory as it heads off into a major rager of pit opening potency! Riffs are a gruelling but rewarding grind as a calm before the storm brief midway touch of ambience needs an ambulance for the batshit crazy outro.

‘Chains’ is a three minute tectonic plate shifting motherfuc*er of almost doom metal devastation, all wrapped up in a dreamy vocal that also terrifies as it ends on a cranial damaging crunch.

‘Sex’ is a short but sweet (excuse the pun) that is also skin crawlingly creepy as a vocal wrapped in cotton wool is backed by sparse snare drum and morose guitar lines.

‘Mercy’ shows no mercy as this brain mangler suffocates on claustrophobic meanderings whilst vocals rage but also calm intermittently for three cathartic minutes of nightmare inducing squalls.

The EP closes on ‘No One’ and is the most demented song here. It’s the heaviest musically and vocally and once again a volley of guitar trickery are little earworms that fly off the fretboards, all pinned down by brick heavy riffs and the outro proves that the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum!

Pre-order links to the EP and other band info are here :- I I I

The EP has formats of vinyl, vinyl and tee-shirt bundle.

Black Coast band personnel :-

Charlie Hewitt – Lead Vocals.

Scott Pinnington – Guitar.

Joe Meyer – Guitar.

Jack Beardsall – Bass Guitar.

Matty Clarke – Drums.

Black Coast EP track listing :-

Real (Are You Listening?)




No One.

Black Coast music muses on vocalist Charlie Hewitt’s thoughts on how he’s let others see himself.

“It can be a struggle not to just introvert yourself so much that you let no one in at all. This music is about trying to break down those self imposed barriers. It’s about learning to cope when feelings of self-loathing creep in and how I’ve grown within myself as my mind and life changes” .

Five fast and furious songs are thrashed out on the self titled EP by Black Coast.

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