MYSTERY BLUE – ‘Conquer The World’

conquer artClassic Metal riffs aplenty as the French headbangers return with their seventh opus.

The origins of Mystery Blue can be traced way back to the early 80’s, although the current line up bears no similarity whatsoever to those early days, only founding member Frenzy Philippon remaining from the bands original incarnation. Having kept plugging away and touring hard over the intervening years, the band now arrive with their latest offering ‘Conquer The World’ and what a monstrous slab of Metal it turns out to be.

From the thundering drum intro of opener and title track the scene is set for a rip roaring rollercoaster of a ride through some of the mightiest riffs you will hear this side of Halford city. Musically the band very much wear their hearts on their sleeves, ‘Innocent Crime’ screams Priest and Maiden, ‘Running With The Pack’ featuring guest vocals from Andreas Babuschkin (Paragon) again smacks of classic Maiden, which of course is no bad thing.

Where Mystery Blue differ from the rest though is with the female vocal delivery of Nathalie Geyer who’s voice displays more twists and turns than a circuit of the Magny-Cours. Trying to describe Nathalie’s style is pretty difficult, however, my other half put it better than I could by describing her as a Metal Siouxsie Sioux, which I tend to go along with.

Cruel Obsession’ and ’Ticket To Hell’ continue to bomb along at breakneck speed ala Accept, keeping the dandruff flying before the momentary respite of ’Keep On Dreaming’ allows us to draw breath. Just as well really because my personal favourite album track ’Road Of Despair’ follows, which leaves me in a crumpled heap on the floor and totally exhausted. The wonderfully quirky and Demonic ’Behind Those Walls’ comes a close second though, a real mish mash of elements and riffs that had me playing my imaginary Flying V from start to finish. Closer ‘Accroche-toi a tes reves’ also deserves a mention, sung in French and providing the perfect lighters in the air finale.

This album pretty much has it all, howling Wolves, Didgeridoos and some of the best Metal guitar work you’ll hear this side of the French Alps. What more could you want.

Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;

1. Conquer The World.
2. Innocent Crime.
3. Running With The Pack.
4. Evil Spell.
5. Cruel Obsession.
6. Ticket To Hell.
7. Keep On Dreaming.
8. Road Of Despair.
9. Behind Those Walls.
10. Guardian Angel.
11. Accroche-toi a tes reves.conquer band

Mystery Blue are;

Nathalie Geyer – Vocals.
Frenzy Philippon – Guitars.
Matt Gabnai – Bass.

Vince Koehler – Drums.







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