nulldB – ‘Endzeit’

It’s probably a bit pat to say – but, then, the band do allude to it in their own press collateral – but a German band playing industrial-tinged metal and singing in their native language are inevitably going to draw comparisons with Rammstein.

And, yes, there are other references with inevitably will lead both reviewers and listeners down this particular path – such as the crunching guitar riffs, the chantalong choruses and the cheesy keyboard interjections. Add in the fact that nulldB are at the vanguard of the movement known as Neue Deutsche Härte – widely regarded by many on the outside as the new wave of German industrial metal, but with more emphasis on guitars and riffs than layers of noise.

The title track is the first to overtly reference Rammstein, especially in its guitar line and Franky Kühnlein’s acerbic vocal delivery, while the following ‘Roter Regen’ ploughs a very ‘Du Hast’ furrow, even down to referencing the song title in its lyrics. The use of a young girl’s vocals both at the end of this track and on ‘Kinder Des Zorns’ also draw on Rammstein as a major influence, despite the latter’s acoustic intro and central theme.

There are some elements of individuality – such as the use of acoustics – and some of the tracks do veer more towards folk metal territory, especially in its second half, but the Rammstein motifs and references are extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, to escape.


Track list:
1. Tyrannie
2. Endzeit
3. Roter Regen
4. Kinder Des Zorns
5. Kaltes Herz
6. Versuch es Doch
7. Leben
8. Taub Blind Stumm
9. Freiheit
10. Die Jagd Beginnt

‘Endzeit’ is released on AFM Records on December 14th:

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