MOTORJESUS to release new album ‘Hellbreaker’

MOTORJESUS are playing a high-octane mixture of classic heavy metal and dirty hard rock. The band is pretty active in the German live scene since the early 2000s. They already played numerous tours with bands such as Motörhead, Anthrax, Prong, Mustasch and many more. They also played lots of live festivals like the famous German Summer Breeze Festival or the Rock Hard Festival.

Their last studio album “Race to Resurrection” hit the German Album Charts at #41 which was their highest position in Germany’s Media Control Charts so far. For that album they also played numerous shows, a headliner tour and a support tour with the Swedish rock act Mustasch in 2019. After that they released their first live album “Live Resurrection” in 2020.

Despite the fact that MOTORJESUS is one of the longest running German bands in their genre, they are still pretty much down to earth and no rockstar allures are found. They simply love Rock’n’Roll and celebrate the music. Their love for 70s muscle cars also shows in their artwork and the “Motorized Jesus” has established as their band mascot in their cover-artworks over the past years.

The Corona pandemic sadly affected MOTORJESUS’ ability to perform live, but instead the band then focused on a new album which will be out now under the name “Hellbreaker”. It’s their 7th studio album so far. For the new album MOTORJESUS tried to write a compact and explosive Hard Rock album with no ballads involved this time.Songs like the burning “Car Wars” or the fuel driven “Dead Rising” have a slightly more punk based Rock’n’Roll drive to it, while other songs like the metal forging “Hellbreaker” or the epic “Lawgiver” are more true to their 80´s heavy metal roots from Judas Priest to Iron Maiden.

But there also are some traditional MOTORJESUS tunes, e.g. the opening track “Drive through Fire” or the groove laden “Firebreather” that stay true to their well established brand of metal, classic rock, stoner and other influences. The most important thing is that the fists can be risen and the crowd is singing along.

Also the new line up – especially new guitarist Patrick Wassenberg – brought in some new influences, burning solo guitars and a look to new frontiers in songwriting. But nevertheless the boys from MOTORJESUS still stay true to themselves and they are now ready to hit the road again with their new album “Hellbreaker”.

Let the motor run! MOTORJESUS – Heavy Rock, Mönchengladbach, since 1992

“Every time I worked on a Motorjesus record I thought it would be impossible for them to top it with the next one. Well, they sure proved me wrong each time, and with “Hellbreaker” they blew my head right off! Amazing songwriting and stellar performances all around! We’re talking mega catchy choruses and really awesome riffs, topped with Chris Birx vocals that
never have sounded better! Best driving music there is! Damn proud to be the chosen one to mix and master it!”

Dan Swanö/Unisound, November 2020

Chris “Howling” Birx (Vocals), Andy Peters (Guitars), Patrick Wassenberg (Guitars), Dominik Kwasny (Bass), Adam Borosch (Drums)

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