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On 25 May 2024
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'Keep On Pounding' is Anvil's battle cry, and they keep on pounding with new single 'Truth Is Dying'.

Anvil, the Canadian based terrors lift ‘Truth Is Dying’, the second single from their One And Only album, released by AFM Records on June 28th 2024, the perfect start to summer! The power trio of Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow, Robb Reiner and Chris Robertson defy trends by consistently firing out on all cylinders, their brand of potent power metal.

One And Only is their 20th studio album since forming in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1978, and the strength of this single and the previous ‘Feed Your Fantasy’, bodes well for the rest of the twelve tracks on One And Only.

‘Truth Is Dying’ has an instantly memorable main riff that scythes through this seismic trademark pounder, highlighting their dedication to the cause of speaker rattling prowess and melodic choruses. The production is 100% in your face to bring out the unrelenting pounding from the superhuman drumming of Robb Reiner, bass guitar bombast from Chris Robertson, all pinned down by ‘Lips’ lead vocals and an air guitar inducing lead solo.

‘Lips’ proclaims, “We’ve dropped all our modern aspects, particularly the 90’s version of Anvil. No sexual topics, and no thrash speed songs like they featured on past albums”.

A pre-order link to to the One And Only album plus other info is here :- / / /

One And Only album track listing :-

One And Only.

Feed Your Fantasy.

Fight For Your Right.


Gold And Diamonds.

Dead Man Shoes.

Truth Is Dying.

Rocking The World.

Run Away.

World Of Fools.

Condemned Liberty.

Blind Rage.

'Keep On Pounding' is Anvil's battle cry, and they keep on pounding with new single 'Truth Is Dying'.

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