Mordecai – Undaunted

mordecai - undaunted - album cover

Mordecai, a band from London, bring listeners 11 tunes showcased on their debut Undaunted.

The band mixes two styles of rock in to their signature: a slower, melodic balladry and a fairly modern rock swagger.

They sound vaguely American, but not so ‘in-your-face’.

The songs follow, for the most part, your basic rock and roll formula with nothing really outstanding (either positive or negative).

The band’s material is easygoing enough to assimilate readily in to most radio contexts – the tunes ‘get along well’ with others.

It is a genuine, solid debut record, recommended for fans of bands like Tremonti.


Track Listing:
Cold Blooded Murder
Red Roses & Black Lies
I’ll Never Know
Turning Tricks
Living Dead
Final Curtain
Method In Your Madness
Left Behind
White Horse

Band Lineup:
Dan M. Hicks – Vocals & Guitar
Andy Short – Lead Guitar
Rick Kilcher – Bass
Alex Gooders – Drums

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