Beaten To Death – Dodsfest!

beaten to death - dodsfest - album cover

Beaten To Death is a band from Norway, featuring members of current, established metal acts: Tsjuder, Insense, and She Said Destroy.

If you are looking for vicious grindcore that’s also innovative and satirical, look to Dodsfest!.

These guys nail it: everything from dirty grind to jangle-pop melodies (played over blastbeats).

It’s like hearing a band like Assuck for the first time again.

They do their chosen genre proud with satirical songtitles, whimsical cover art, and short songs.

Pair that with an intense, bloodthirsty mix for a brilliant win.

Recommended for open-minded extreme metal lunatics looking for something crazy and different.


Track Listing:
Vulpes Vulpes, Mustela Lutreola, Praedium
The Egg Thrower
True Norwegian Internet Metal Warrior
Erik Og Skrik
Dod, Dovere, Dod
Obliteration Of Nekromantheon
Nazi Slippers
The Flesh Prince With Swell Hair
Aspen Hellweek
Vinni Butterfly

Band Lineup:
Anders – vocals
Martin – guitar
Tommy – guitar
Mika – bass
Christian – drums

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