Bliss Of Flesh – Beati Pauperes Spiritu

bliss of flesh - beati pauperes spiritu - album cover

France’s Bliss Of Flesh upholds the brutal death metal genre with their 2013 release, Beati Pauperes Spiritu.

They seem vaguely similar to Behemoth in the latter’s early, intense years.

The band does experiment with melody, especially during “On The Path To Expiation”.

What sets this album apart from others within the genre is the band’s willingness to slow down, vary their tempos, sparingly utilize orchestral elements or female backing vocals, and keep their mix crisp and balanced.

Those production subtleties give the band a razor-sharp edge on their contemporaries.

This album is recommended for fans of fast, extreme, aggressive metal.


Track Listing:
Black Procession
On The Path To Expiation
Forgotten Epitaphs
Rosary Of Shame
Sadistic Abstinence

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