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On 5 May 2014
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Moloch's Verwüstung reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

moloch - album cover art aWith Moloch, a true and grim underground black metal band has emerged, with most of their releases available as strictly limited editions! Hailing from dark, frozen Ukraine, Nocebo Records released an eight-song picture disc of Moloch’s material, titled Verwüstung. All lyrics are in Ukranian, but the song titles are in German, to “whiten” them a bit. It’s understood that the Ukraine is currently a “conflict zone”, and their technology might not be the greatest, but Nocebo should have insisted that the band at least record something professionally. This sounds like a 4-track recorded band practice. What’s nice about such a raw recording is that you can hear the skill of the musicians: occasionally meandering meter, vocalist overpowering his mic, and on. Sergiy and his “kultivated” fans must appreciate the message more than the vehicle. Tailor-made for humanity-spurning, cellar-dwelling black metal elitists, this disc is a collector’s item in the making.

Band Lineup:
Sergiy Fjordsson – Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Alzatoth – Guitar
Gionata Potenti – Drums

Track Listing:
01. Einklang
02. Blutmond
03. Spiritueller Selbstmord
04. Negativität
05. Nur der Tod ist wirklich
06. Die Kälte der Ewigkeit
07. Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt
08. Ausklang



Moloch's Verwüstung reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

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