Babylon A.D. – The Lost Sessions, Fresno CA 93

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Babylon A.D.

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On 5 May 2014
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Babylon A.D.'s The Lost Sessions, Fresno CA 93 reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

BABYLON AD - The Lost Sessions Fresno CA 93 cover artFormed in 1988, Babylon A.D. hail from San Francisco, California. Former Arista recording artists, they dredged up at EP’s worth of previously-unreleased material. Titled The Lost Sessions, Fresno CA 93, and released on Perris Records, this EP serves as the band’s ‘appearance at the final UK Firefest’ teaser. The material sounds like typical late-80s hair metal with a melodic edge. Slick, simple, and inoffensive, it’s nothing to scream about, but it’s very nicely recorded, well-balanced, and up to today’s ultra-picky recording standards. These Lost Sessions should do well for the band and their select niche of fans. Uncomplicated arrangements, melodic riffs, and relaxed tempos make these tunes easily “danceable” in the live setting. “Love Blind”, “While America Sleeps”, and “Bang Go The Bells” are rockers, with “Love is A Mystery” being your typical mid-90s power ballad. Recommended for fans who reminisce about the days of big hair and party rock.

Track Listing:
Love Blind
While America Sleeps
Love is A Mystery
Bang Go The Bells

Band Lineup:
Derek Davis – Vocals
Dan De LaRosa – Guitar
Ron Freschi – Guitar
Robb Reid – Bass Guitar
James Pacheco – Drums



Babylon A.D.'s The Lost Sessions, Fresno CA 93 reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

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