Colma Wolves – Orphaned

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Colma Wolves

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On 5 May 2014
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Colma Wolves's Orphaned reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

colma wolves art 1Edinburgh’s Colma Wolves have released a three-song EP, Orphaned. Songs begin slowly with distorted bass guitar, almost drone-like. The quality of Orphaned is best described as “basement practice room on an old four-track”, demo or hardcore-collector quality “only”. The recording is fairly muddy, and lacks the depth that would benefit the songs’ impact. Unintelligible monotone screaming complements simple “groove metal” based riffs. There is some experimentation and catchiness at the beginning of “Ancient Tongues”; the bleak, dramatic monotone yelling that kicks in either builds or ruins the atmosphere, depending on your point of view. This unsigned, five-piece band would be aided tremendously by developing their own style, then recording their material professionally. Today’s music business is difficult to market original material in as it is. Colma Wolves quite helpfully reports that their music will please fans of Suis La Lune, Touche Amore, Norma JeanPoison the Well, and vacuum cleaners.

Track Listing:
Ancient Tongues
Black Oceans

Band Lineup:
Biff – Vocals
Mike – Guitar/Vocals
Sean – Guitar
Butchy – Bass Guitar
Elliot – Drums

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Official Band Bandcamp Page


Colma Wolves's Orphaned reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

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