Four Nights Gone – Resilience

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On 5 May 2014
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Four Nights Gone's Resilience reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

four nights gone - band photo 141Staten Island, New York’s Four Nights Gone recently released Resilience, a 5-song EP. This is the band’s second studio effort, professionally recorded at Vudu Studios with producer Mike Watts. Nicely mixed, clear and crisp, Resilience seems to be fairly straightforward, vanilla modern melodic rock: like fellow bands you’d hear on the Warped or Mayhem tours. Relying on catchy and melodic phrases, the band experiments with a variety of tempos and some variation in mood. The band seems to be well-skilled at playing through their chosen genre, offering solid frameworks, nuances, and a fine overall balance. The EP would be helped by recording vocals in longer phrases, so listeners don’t hear so many edits. Four Nights Gone is original in that they’re the first band who’s claimed to have done some “social media touring”. Recommended for fans of alternative, post-hardcore, or melodic modern rock, Resilience offers five original tunes, no covers.

Track Listing:
J. Buck
Broken Wings
The Scars Remain
The One Who Knocks

Band Lineup: Damian LaRocco, Imran Xhelili, Johnny Burman, Alex Basovskiy, Alex Allen



Four Nights Gone's Resilience reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

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