Luna Ad Noctum – Hypnotic Inferno.

Black Metal with a melodic twist ticks all the right boxes.



The Polish Metal scene has always been a strong one generally speaking, even more so since Maiden played groundbreaking shows there way back in the 80’s. The country can now proudly boast a healthy crop of quality bands that, at last, are getting the chance to showcase their talents to a wider audience.
Luna Ad Noctum have actually been around for a good number of years, having formed in 1998 and ‘Hypnotic Inferno’ represents their fourth full length output. The band fall into the Symphonic Black Metal category, a genre I particularly like as it combines the dark and malevolent aspects of Black Metal with the more atmospheric and grandiose elements of the Symphonic quarter.
Straight away I must say that Luna Ad Noctum pleasantly surprised me in the way this album is put together, the Black Metal purists may decide that ’Hypnotic Inferno’ is no where near Demonic or Evil enough but I much prefer the introduction of melodic elements into the music, for me personally, it makes for a much more accessible album and one that is thoroughly easy on the ear.
In places, you can compare the sound with Dimmu Borgir , ’Fear Technique’ being a good example but overall, the sound is more than worthy enough to be held aloft and judged on its own merits.
The vocal style of AN6, whilst maintaining a menacing and extreme tone throughout is always coherent and easy to latch on to, the drumming of Dragor is really strong and drives the whole package along very well, whilst the guitar sound is never overpowering, it is definitely the focal point of the album, delivering a wide and varied range of riffs and hooks that is hard to fault. The band even throw in some keyboard passages here and there , which further adds to the overall atmosphere of the album.
My own personal favourite album track ’Fleshless’ is a really strong track and encompasses all that the band are trying to achieve in three and a half minutes of brutal, fast, melodic Black Metal that is, on the whole, traditional in its construction but has a really freshness to it that I found, well, refreshing.
Hypnotic Inferno’ is an album well worth emptying your pockets for, by a band that I shall be following a lot closer from now on.

Track Listing;

1. In Hypnosis
2. Fear Technique
3. You Are What You AreLuna_Ad_Noctum_1
4. Abnormal Pain
5. Fleshless
6. Ether Dome
7. Martyrium
8. Hallucination Twisted Claw
9. Total Sleep Disorder

Luna Ad Noctum are;

AN6 – Bass/Vocals
T. Infamous – Guitars
Blasphemo – Guitars
Dragor – Drums

‘Hypnotic Inferno’ is out now via Massacre Records.


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