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Liv Kristine

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On 1 November 2014
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Her finest work to date, simply stunning

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‘Vervain’, heralds Liv Kristine’s fifth solo album release, and is, without doubt, the strongest yet. I’ve been of the opinion for a considerable length of time now, that Liv, in a vocal sense, is riding on the crest of a creative wave at this moment.

Her work with Leaves Eyes has always been of a much ‘heavier’ persuasion, however, I’ve always had the impression that she feels a great sense of artistic release and creative freedom on these solo affairs. The Leaves Eyes sound still resonates through of course, hardly surprising considering the involvement of husband Alex, however, I would push the comparison of this album more to the ’Lovelorn’ end of the scale, rather than ’Symphonies Of The Night’.

The album is extremely easy to get into, without being bland. Plenty of catchy, pop tinged hooks come to the surface during its duration, making for a very light and happy feel throughout. Having said that though, this is still most definitely a Hard Rock album, opening track ‘My Wilderness’ makes sure of that, with a wonderfully dark, powerful riff, coupled with a great drum line that grabs your attention straight away.

Liv collaborates with two other artists on this album, the first with Michelle Darkness on ‘Love Decay’, a fabulous Gothic tinged composition that is so damn catchy, it hurts. Demonstrating how versatile her vocal talents have become, this for me, is one of many high points on the album.

The second duet features some one who really needs no introduction. I’m always a little dubious of Doro’s duets but I must say that this one, namely ’Stronghold Of Angels’, is truly immense. A dark, Doom laden intro and riff gives way to a beautiful vocal union between two of Metals real stars, the two combining brilliantly, neither suffocating the other, instead, producing an exquisitely balanced track.

The title track is, predictably, very strong indeed, having a very ’get up and dance’ feel to it, the vocal having a more ethereal and haunting slant this time. ’Hunters’, with its electro vibe, the gloriously subdued and mesmeric ’Lotus’ (if this song does not move you, nothing will), the list goes on. Ten tracks of sublime beauty that are impossible to fault , carrying the listener on wings of melody, flying through clouds of musical passion and joy, before landing back to Earth in an exhausted heap, as the final strains of closing track ’Oblivious’ fade away.

This is without a shadow of a doubt, Liv’s highpoint as a solo artist, an amazing album that cements her reputation as one of the finest female vocalists around, and is a must in anyone’s music catalogue.

Track Listing;

1. My Wilderness
2. Love Decay (featuring Michelle Darkness)
3. Vervain
4. Stronghold Of Angels (featuring Doro Pesch)
5. Hunters
6. Lotus
7. Elucidation
8. Two And A Heart
9. Creeper
10. Oblivious

Out now through Napalm Records



Her finest work to date, simply stunning

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