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On 7 October 2015
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An album that represents the bands finest hour to date. THE Doom album of the year






Sweden’s purveyors of Doom return with a stunning follow up to 2011’s “A Rose For The Apocalypse”. Much has happened in the Draconian camp in the intervening four years, the major upheaval of losing long time vocalist Lisa Johansson, the subsequent search for and unveiling of worthy replacement Heike Langhans, and all that before even thinking about new material


Fans need not have been worried about how, if at all, the bands sound would change on new album “Sovran” though. If anything, this is a return to the Draconian of old, yes, I’m guessing the writing process was approached from a slightly different angle with a new vocal style in mind but the groups core sound and style shines through brighter than ever. The poetical and incredibly deep lyrics of Anders Jacobsson balanced against the equally mournful poetic musical backdrop sounds stronger than ever, and is quite possibly the pinnacle of what they have produced to date


The crushingly dark opening strains of “Heavy Lies The Crown” immediately set the perfect mood and tempo as the listener begins a musical pillion ride along a dusty Gothic Doom strewn highway. Heike’s subtle and yet immensely powerful vocal is the perfect interjection to the harsh and sorrowful delivery of Anders, a combination that keeps you completely hooked, not just on this track but for the entire duration of the album. Not a theme that in any way becomes laboured either, my personal and current album favourite “Pale Tortured Blue” for example, just takes things to a new level, a raging torrent of emotion that still manages to blend with the rest of the album, individuality within a group, if you get my drift. A great guest appearance by Daniel Anghede (Crippled Black Phoenix)on the impressive “Rivers Between Us” serves to further enhance that feeling of variety within a theme. Do not forget that in some shape or form, this is a band that have been around for twenty or so years, you can not get this good without that injection of experience and evolution, and that is why, as I eluded to earlier, this album is the most complete piece of work they have released to date


Draconian have never been a band that rushes things, and that meticulous attention to detail is just so evident on this record, every track had me spellbound. If you are already a fan, then “Sovran” will have you sobbing with joy, if however, this is your first time at dipping your toes into the dark, cold waters of Draconian lake, then you could not have picked a more perfect starting point


Be sure to check out the various limited edition versions and bundles as well, available from record label Napalm, including a strictly limited gold vinyl version in gatefold sleeve….of which there is now one less to order


Track Listing;

Heavy Lies The Crown

The Wretched Tide

Pale Tortured Blue

Stellar Tombs

No Lonelier Star

Dusk Mariner


Rivers Between Us (featuring Daniel Anghede)

The Marriage Of Attaris

With Love And Defiance (Bonus Track)




Anders Jacobsson – Vocals

Johan Ericsson – Guitar

Daniel Arvidsson – Guitar

Fredrik Johansson – Bass

Jerry Torstensson – Drums

Heike Langhans – Vocals


“Sovran” is released via Napalm Records on October the 30th






An album that represents the bands finest hour to date. THE Doom album of the year

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