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On 13 December 2016
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One of the finest Symphonic Metal albums in years


January 2017 marks the release of the debut album from Akoma, titled Revangels. And although so early in the calendar, this surely has to be a contender for Symphonic Metal’s album of the year. Remember this bands name, for they are destined for the very top

Symphonic, Gothic, Female Fronted… whatever genre you wish to throw this in with, you will become totally hooked. From the opening strains of ‘Enticing Desire’ to the closing notes of bonus track ‘Bittersweet Memories’, this album never falls short of sublime perfection. All the more amazing then considering the band formed some twelve or so years ago, and until now have just a few E.P. releases to call a back catalogue, and then go and give birth to this monster. Famed producer and Leaves Eyes frontman Alexander Krull has done a superb job with the sound on this record, finding the perfect balance between full blown Symphonic and gentler quieter moments that really let vocalist Tanya Bell’s amazing repertoire of vocal styles shine through, the wonderfully haunting  ‘Humanity’ instantly springing to mind


The inevitable comparisons with such stellar bands as Within Temptation, Epica, Nightwish and Xandria will definitely surface with fans of the Symphonic genre upon hearing this album, and yes, ok, there are elements of some if not all of the above lurking within but never to the point of sounding like a copy. This album stands alone as one of the finest Female Fronted releases of recent years, and take my word for it, I’ve listened to a great many! The duet with ex Leaves Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine on the title track ‘Revangels’ is mesmerising,  insanely catchy and just downright uplifting. The amazing hard hitting riffs and Operatic passages of ‘Change Of Propensity’ are just neck breaking. The swirling vocal of ‘Hands Of Greed’ is so emotionally charged it will leave you in a heap on the floor (reminding me slightly of Sabine Dunser in Elis in places), in fact each and every track is an absolute musical triumph, a testament to what hard work and perseverance can achieve


Whilst building a reputation in their native Denmark over many a year, the time has now come for Akoma to take on the world, and in ‘Revangels’ they surely have the perfect weapon with which to do so. If this album doesn’t turn heads and get them noticed, we may as well shut up shop and go home. My album of 2017…and it hasn’t even started yet

Recommended Track – Revangels


Track Listing;

Enticing Desire

Revangels (Featuring Liv Kristine)

Change Of Propensity


Hands Of Greed



Heartless Deciever

Bittersweet Memories (Bonus Track)



Akoma Line Up;

Tanya Bell – Vocals

Morten H. Bell – Guitars

Stefan Nielsen – Bass

Andreas Pedersen – Guitars

Rune Frisch – Drums


Released via Massacre Records on January 27th 2017







One of the finest Symphonic Metal albums in years

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